I’ve become an early riser about two months and it’s definitely something that I want to stick with it. I am currently waking between 5am and 6am depending on the day and if I go to sleep later than usual. I’ve decided to start this new habit for two reasons.

The first reason is that I have a pretty busy schedule and finding the time to write every day can be difficult to do. A solution to this problem was to get up earlier and write for an hour or so every morning. With this new habit I’m sure that every day I will have some time to write something and if I don’t find the time during the day at least I write for more than an hour every day. As a blogger I need to find the time to write a lot and this is the solution that I’ve found works best for me.

The second reason is that I absolutely love being an early riser! You might thing that I’m out of my mind to thing like that. Well, I’m not. I didn’t always love that, but now it’s something that I love. One reason for this is that I found this really Zen and peaceful. It’s so quiet in the house, the sun is raising and I just relax. There is something magical with an early rising.

The main goal to an early rising is to do more thing in your day. When I wake up I feel more energize and I’m ready to work during this quiet moment. Before that when I was waking up the only thing that I’d want to do was to watch T.V. So it’s a very good improvement.

Here are my tips to become an early riser:

  • Learn to crawl before you walk: Don’t make drastic change, you won’t stick to them. It is a lot easier to stick to this new habit. For example: if you want to get up at 6am every morning and you usually wake up at 10am don’t put your alarm clock at 6am tomorrow. There is a lot of chance that you will go back to your old habit pretty soon. The best thing that you can do is to start slow, by waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual. Than stick to this for a couple of days and when you feel comfortable cut back another 20 minutes until you get to your goal.
  • Go to sleep earlier: If you wake up earlier you will have to go to sleep earlier too. If you don’t do this your body will shut down and sooner or later one habit is going to give and there is a lot of chance that it will be you early rising habit. With time you will find the perfect time to go to sleep. However, at first it can be difficult to sleep at 10pm if you usually go to sleep at 11:30. A good tip that I’ve found was to do some physical exercise during the day so I’m exhausted in the evening and I have no problem falling asleep.  Another thing you can do is to go to bed and pick a book to read sooner or later you will feel tired and you will be able to sleep.
  • Put your alarm clock as far as possible&lt: It’s so easy to press the snooze button or just shut it off. So the easiest method to wake up is to put your alarm clock as far as possible that way you will have to get up to turn it off and when you are up the hard part is done.
  • Do something&lt: Once you are up don’t stay in your bedroom looking at your bed and thinking if you should go back to sleep or stay up. If you do this I beat you that you will choose to go back to sleep and next thing you will know it will be 10am. So as soon as you turn off your alarm get out of your bedroom and start your day with energy. You can do what you want, if you want to jump in the shower first thing in the morning go ahead it will wake you up. Personally I like to go in my living room than open my laptop and start making my coffee. Usually when my coffee is ready I am ready to start writing. Decide a routine that you will do every day and stick to it
  • Waking up early should be a reward:  if one of your goals was to get up early and you want to stick to this new habit, you should make waking up early a reward. Waking up early can be a pain in the ass. However, if you make this pleasurable you will be looking forward to your early morning. The reward could be a good cup of coffee, or looking the sunrise (a favourite of mine), or meditating etc. Something that you like to do that you will incorporate in your morning routine.
  • Don’t waste your time: Something very powerful to stick to this new habit is to take advantage of this extra time. If you don’t do something really important you won’t stick to it because you will tell yourself that you can do this a 11am. But if you do something very valuable to you, or a major goal you won’t cut this new habit because you will see that you are very productive. It can seem brutal at first, but it will become part of your routine and you will be astonished of how much thing you can do during that extra time. Prepare your kids lunch, work on a goal of yours, do some exercise, meditate etc.
  • Sleep once in a while: You can let yourself sleep once in a while for example on Sunday. As long as it’s not a regular thing.