This post is related to how to become an early riser on this post I’ve taught you how to wake up early to take advantage of this extra time and on this post, I will teach you how to develop your morning routine.

The main interest that everyone have to wake up earlier is that they have the time to do what is valuable and important for them. Your goal is to be as productive as you can and do as much as you can with this extra time. However, without a routine you will stumble over a problem very common: procrastination. It can be anything like watching T.V., looking to your email for one hour, surfing the net, etc. I’m not saying that you can’t watch your T.V. or look at your email, but you need to remember that you are losing some precious time by doing this. If you like to watch the T.V. in the morning set a particular time for it. For example, you could say; I will watch it for 30 minutes while I’m eating and drinking my coffee. After 30 minutes close your T.V. right away and start to do what you truly want.

Your routine will greatly depend on what goal you want to achieve and what is important to you. Maybe, your goal is to run for an hour five days a week, and because you don’t have the time to do this during the day, you decided to wake up an hour earlier to do so. So when you plan your routine keep that in mind.

Having a routine will give you a feeling of happiness because you will have a purpose right after you wake up. It will get you a jump-start on your day! You will feel full of energy even if it’s five in the morning.

How to plan your morning routine:

Having a morning routine is the best thing you can do, because it ensures you that you are getting certain things done every morning and every step that you make is a step in the right direction in the direction of your goal. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that every morning you are working on your goal one step at a time.

Know your goal: Why are you waking up earlier?  If you want to have a morning routine, you need to know what your goals are. I’ll take my example for the purpose of this post. I’ve decided to wake up earlier each day to write a minimum of an hour every morning, because I found difficult to find the time to do this during the day. Now that I know what is my goal it will become my “most important thing” to do every morning. The purpose of my early rise is this, so if I don’t feel to write I will have to push myself to do it. No excuses here, a true champion needs to face difficulties. This is where you see if you have the motivation to achieve your goal or not.

Decide how much you want to do every morning: I’ll take my goal again for this explanation. I want to write an hour a day. However, I want to read and do 15 minutes of exercise every morning too. So this means that I have to wake up at least 1h30minutes earlier that I would normally. Usually I try to wake up two hours earlier so I can read for 30-45minutes in the morning. Now look at what you want, do you only have one thing you want to do with that extra time or you want to do more thing? The more you want to do the more you will have to wake up earlier so it might be more difficult to keep this new habit. Find a balance where you can do the most important thing and an hour where you are comfortable with.

Start your planning: Now that you have all the information that you need to build your plan it’s time to take action. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and start writing every detail of your morning. The more specific your plan is the better it is, but your plan can be very simple like this one:

5:30- wake up.

5:32- bathroom, shower, and start the coffee.


5:50- start to work on my main goal(writing)

6:50-go outside for a walk.

7:20-start to read a book.

7:50-end of my morning routine

When you have a detailed plan, and you are sure that it’s the best management of your extra time that you can make you are ready for the last step!

Stick to your routine!: Start your new routine and stick to it! It’s simple as that, but a lot of people fail at this very last step, because this is where you need to take action. This is where you need to wake up earlier; this is where you need a lot of willpower. However, it’s not impossible; everyone can do it with some motivation. You also need your willpower to stick to your routine and not procrastinate. 

Do you think you are able to do this? Waking up earlier and have a specific morning routine can be one of your best moves. It might become your favorite moment of the day!