I bought the domain www.fullylive.net tree days ago, so it’s a brand-new blog and sometime when we start a new blog the hardest part of it is to start. They’re so much to do. A lot of people who start a blog doesn’t know what to do at first. They look at the blogs they like and feel overwhelmed with all the work they need to do to build a blog like these. However, this is a bad method to start because the human brain is not good to keep us motivated for very long-term goal. We want to see result right away and with a website or a blog it can take 6 to 12 months only to see some result of our hard work.
This is why I’ve decided to write a plan with a short list of to-dos for each day. This method is very simple, and it’s something you can do for everything in your life. If you have to do a project at your work, and it seems impossible to finish, breaks it into several easy steps that you will be able to do each day. You will be amazed of how much you can do in a week without feeling overwhelmed by the entire project.

How to break a big project into several steps:
I will explain to you how I will do this; remember that you can break your project in different ways. There are a lot of ways you can do it, the important is to find something that will motivate you and fit you.

• What is your deadline?
The first question you want to ask yourself is how long you have to finish the project? If it need to be finish in a month, you can’t break your project into a 1 to-do per day, because won’t have the time to finish it. So if it needs to be done in a short period of time, you will have to put more energy into it. That being said you see that you will have to sit down for 10 minutes for every project you have and determine how much work you need to do every day to be able to achieve the project before the deadline.

• Break your project in smaller part:
Now that you know what your deadline is, you will be able to do your to-do list. An easy way that I’ve found is to take everything you need to do and break your project in 5 to 10 parts, or in a number, you feel comfortable with. If you work on a really large project, you might decide to do 30 parts or even more. When you do this, your brain will be able to determine how much work you need to do in every part. It’s like breaking a book into several chapters. Take, for example, two books, one doesn’t have any chapter, and the other one have several chapters. What book would you like to read if you are not an avid reader? You will probably choose the one with the chapter because it’s easier to read. Well, this is exactly what we do here; you separate the project into chapter so it becomes easier to do.

Instead of one large project, you now have ten little projects to do. Ten projects can seem even more work, but it’s not because you will start with the first one and only work with this one, and once it’s done you will start on the next one, etc. So instead of being overwhelmed with a to-big-to-do-this project you now have ten little project that take a week or so to do.

• Make your to-do list:
This step is quite easy if you’ve done a good job in the last step. This method can take 30 minutes to do, but take the time to do it as specific as you can because it will save you a lot of time in the future.
Begins with the beginning it’s not the time to feel overwhelmed before you even start the project, so take your very first part and break it into several to-dos. Then determine how much time you need to finish this part and make your list of to-do for every day that you want to work on this. The more you are specific the easier it will be. When you’ve done the first step take the second one and do the same thing until you are done.

You now have a specific plan that will guide you in every step of your project. Your stress level will drastically decrease because when you’ve done you to-do of the day you are done. You won’t feel guilty when you don’t work on this for hours anymore because you will have a very specific plan, and you will know that you will meet the deadline if you follow the plan.

I’m excited to see your comments on this technique that you probably know about it, but few really take the time to do it.