So, you want to have a better life, but you don’t know where to start? I know how you feel it can be hard when we want to make changes in our life. The best tips that I’ve found when I tried to have a better life was to start with my physical body.

The reason for this is that you can take action on this area with away. You don’t have to wait. If you want to become fit, you can start right now by getting up and start running, or you can do some push-up. You don’t have an excuse, even the cliché I don’t have enough time to do this. If you look at the stats, averages American watch 5 hours of T.V. per day. So don’t say you don’t have the time to do 30 minutes a day and the good part of this is that it doesn’t have to be torture, a 30 minutes’ walk will do the trick.

But, I want to have a better life not to do 30 minutes of exercises every day!

You’ve probably heard the statement” a healthy mind in a healthy body.” If you take care of your body, you will a lot better in the inside too. If you find something better than, this to improve your life, I will love to hear it, because I absolutely think that the secret for a better life is hiding under a healthy body and a healthy mind.
A simple reason for this is that physical activity built self-esteem, confidence, it pushed our limit, etc. By doing this, we create an improve version of ourselves and at the same time a better life for us.

So before you start to try to improve your life and change your career, take 30 minutes a day to do some physical exercise. It will be the foundation on which you will build other life improvement habits.