I’m an avid reader. I love to sit down and read chapter after chapter. Usually, I read non-fiction book, because I have to learn something new every day. I guess it’s in my DNA; some people can live happy watching stupid show on T.V., while other needs to know everything. As far as I can remember I’ve always been like that and the best way to do that is to read… a lot. Every solutions of every problem are printed. You can find everything that you are looking for. Sure, it’s a lot easier to go on the internet and search for the information. However, the information will not be as detailed as in a book.

5 reasons to read a book:

1. The information that you find on the internet usually fit in a page, while you can have 250 pages of information on that topic in a book.

2. It’s better than T.V. or even the internet.

3. It will fill your head with new idea

4. You acquire a great deal of knowledge.

5. Simply, the habit of reading: When you read a new book, you condition your mind to keep taking in new knowledge. Your thinking remains fresh and sharp. Your brain is always churning on new ideas, looking for new distinctions it can make. Every day you pour in more ideas, which your brain must find a way to integrate into your existing knowledge base. Frequent reading fires up your neural activity, even during the periods when you aren’t reading.

Some people recommend reading a new book every week, but for some people it can be too much. Reading a book every week means that you need to spend a lot of hours to do that and a few have that time, so instead try to read a book every month. This is more than possible, and at the same time you will be reading 12 books a year. If you feel comfortable with this try to read a book every two weeks, etc.

Personally, I’m reading a book every two weeks and sometimes if the book is very good I’ll re-read it. However, if I have the time to read two books, I’ll do it, but one of my goals is to read at least a book every two weeks. You may find difficult to do this. However, the hard part is to start this new habit; once you are used to it will be something that you will look for.