This is a problem that we face more often than ever; the lack of citizenship. It happens everywhere, when we walk on a street, on our road, on our job, etc. How many times have you been cut off by a driver while you were driving? I bet you can’t even say how much time, because it happens too often. And it can ruin your day pretty fast. When someone does something like that to us, we feel angry, and we will probably think about that event all our days.

However, if someone gives us a smile while we are walking on the street, this person will make our day. They will make us smile back, and we will feel happier.
The bad thing about this is that we can’t prevent others from doing this. So, what can we do to feel happier and to put a smile to another person? Be a good citizen and use good citizenship. Whenever you walk on the street smile at other people, when you are driving be courteous. You will feel like you are doing the right thing, and you will make their day. There is no magic in this, we can’t prevent other from doing it, but we can act differently and used citizenship. By doing this you will make our world a better place, and you will feel so much better. So, go outside now and go put a smile to someone!