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This is a problem that we face more often than ever; the lack of citizenship. It happens everywhere, when we walk on a street, on our road, on our job, etc. How many times have you been cut off by a driver while you were driving? I bet you can’t even say how much time, […]

I’m an avid reader. I love to sit down and read chapter after chapter. Usually, I read non-fiction book, because I have to learn something new every day. I guess it’s in my DNA; some people can live happy watching stupid show on T.V., while other needs to know everything. As far as I can […]

So, you want to have a better life, but you don’t know where to start? I know how you feel it can be hard when we want to make changes in our life. The best tips that I’ve found when I tried to have a better life was to start with my physical body. The […]

This post is related to how to become an early riser on this post I’ve taught you how to wake up early to take advantage of this extra time and on this post, I will teach you how to develop your morning routine. The main interest that everyone have to wake up earlier is that […]

I’ve become an early riser about two months and it’s definitely something that I want to stick with it. I am currently waking between 5am and 6am depending on the day and if I go to sleep later than usual. I’ve decided to start this new habit for two reasons. The first reason is that […]